Root Canal Treatment in
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At Southern Dental in Houston, we look for ways to save your natural teeth, even when tooth decay or infection advances to the point that it reaches the nerve or tissue inside your tooth that is known as the dental pulp. At these times, root canal therapy may be advised.

It is possible for Southern Dental dentists to offer this treatment in a relatively painless manner.

In root canal therapy, we remove the infected tissue and then decontaminate the canals before filling them with replacement material. Normally, a porcelain crown is then placed over the tooth. Technological advances have allowed root canal therapy to become more automated and completed more quickly.

When the nerve or root of a tooth is infected or injured, it is necessary to have root canal therapy. The therapy consists of removing the infected or injured root, living tissue or pulp inside the tooth and nerves, and then cleaning the area to prevent bacteria and save the tooth. A root canal can be the solution to saving a tooth from decay or infection and preventing the tooth from dying. This treatment is much preferred over extracting the tooth as other problems could arise, such as misalignment of the adjacent teeth or other dental treatments needed to replace the tooth.

Symptoms of an Infected Root Canal

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Tenderness or swelling of the gum
  • Abscesses
  • Trauma or injury to the tooth
  • Tooth decay

How does root canal therapy work?

Once the tooth and gum are numb, an opening is drilled on top of the tooth so that infected pulp and tissues can be removed. The empty root canal is then cleaned out of any bacteria. When the tooth has been completely cleaned and repaired, the dentist will seal it with a temporary or permanent filling. Teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy need a crown in order to protect the tooth and ensure it is fully functional. While the tooth heals, it may be sensitive. Your dentist will give you care instructions after the treatment to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and your oral health.

At Southern Dental Associates, we are dedicated to improving and restoring your smile to a beautiful, healthy condition. We are happy to provide you with the necessary information and discuss your options. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Kendria R.

The staff was patient and understanding. The exam was timely and the care that I needed was explained in complete and full details. I was proved with payment options. The staff was friendly and professional.

Peter M.

Southern Dental has been so extremely helpful with all my needs. Whether it's been a routine cleaning or root canal they always find time to accommodate me. Running late or need work done on the weekends, Southern Dental is there. Definitely will recommend to friends and colleagues.

Craig F.

Wonderful place to get your dental needs met. Amber on the front desk is amazing! Her warm and welcoming smile made me feel at ease In the waiting room.
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