Extractions and Surgery

Removing a tooth is usually the last option for treatment. At Southern Dental in Houston we strive to help you keep your natural teeth whenever possible. However, an extraction is sometimes the only viable treatment option for a variety of reasons.

Most extractions are necessary because of advanced tooth decay or disease, or to remove teeth that are broken or are blocking other teeth, as well as impacted wisdom teeth.

Tooth extractions are surgical procedures performed under local anesthesia. They can also be done under nitrous oxide ("laughing gas"), for patients who are particularly apprehensive. General anesthesia is rarely required. At Southern Dental, we always keep your comfort top of mind, and we work to insure a pain-free experience. If you think you must have a tooth removed, contact Southern Dental for an evaluation. Our expert dentists may be able to save that tooth.

We have nine convenient locations in the Houston area: Heights, Spring Branch, Pasadena, Palm Center, Sugar Land, Willowbrook, Deerbrook, Katy and Baybrook. Find a location near you then call us to schedule an appointment today!

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Our Happy Customers

"Dr Michael Lewis at Southern Dental on Wirt Road is very professional and takes the time to speak to his patients and gives great advice. He just did my Bridge work and he did an excellent job! His staff is very professional as well and very friendly. I will definatley be going back and I recommend this location highly!"

- Andrew

"I haven't ever received any outstanding service or anything here. It's always been good and I've been happy. But I just went in for a cleaning and wow it was GREAT! Maybe it was just me but I felt like they were much warmer than usual. and they finished really quickly. I'm happy that this is my dentist."


"I highly recommend Dr. Michael Lewis as a caring and excellent dentist. He did a great job on my teeth. The Southern Dental at the Wirt Road location is where Dr. Lewis practices. His staff is also very helpful and polite."

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