What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Porcelain Veneers, Stafford?

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Porcelain veneers are dental aids. These are very thin dental chip-like tools which are placed on the surface of the tooth. Primarily, their function is to give strength and support to the existing tooth structure. These are pieces of porcelain which are utilized to recreate the original look of the tooth. They can be used for changing the shape, the size and the color of the tooth.

Placement of porcelain basically may fall under the category of cosmetic treatment for the teeth. At times, the tooth is too small in length or breadth. Cosmetic porcelain treatment will elongate it or even make it a bit broad. Sometimes teeth are yellowed or stained due to any which reason. This gives a very bad impression since the person looks unkempt and as if he or she does not care much for dental hygiene. This issue should be rectified since it may create a complex in the person especially if he or she is made the butt of jokes by others due to this very reason. A porcelain veneer can be placed on top of the tooth, and the entire color of the tooth changes along with it. The person gets a very neat and clean look due to this reason. Sometimes, a person may have chipped, fractured or broken teeth. This could be the result of an injury, a fall or accident or some other reason, perhaps. This too is an issue which should be rectified since the tooth structure becomes very weak due to these reasons. Again, the porcelain veneer is one answer to this problem. The entire tooth becomes stronger by far with this placement.

What are the disadvantages of porcelain veneers?

Speaking, the life of the porcelain veneer is not very long. It does not last forever. Also, if one has this treatment done, our eating pattern becomes a bit restricted. One should not bite into any food item which is very hard or sticky or else the porcelain veneer may crack or get dislodged. Also, the porcelain veneer is also one with which one should not bite into ice cubes or even open food packaging with teeth. Such actions too may end up displacing the veneer or spoiling it. Also, there is the issue of teeth staining. The porcelain veneer may get stained, and hence one should make it a point to take special care of the dental hygiene routine with it. Do brush your teeth at least twice each day and for at least two minutes each time. Also, one should go in for dental flossing at least once in a day to ensure that the space between the teeth is kept clean and free of any stuck food particles. If it is not possible to keep brushing all the time, it is best to at least rinse the mouth thoroughly well after each meal or food intake. One should also not bite nails if you have veneers on the teeth. This action too may end up harming the veneer.

How Many Stages of Periodontal Disease Occur, Katy?

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Gum disease is also referred to as periodontal disease. However, as is well known, the disease begins with the onset of gingivitis. This is the initial stages of periodontitis. It is a fact that healthy gums are light pink and are quite firm as well. The ones which are inflicted with gingivitis are swollen or puffy and turn somewhat reddish. Also, they emit bad breath, have a receding gum line and are tender. What is important to note is that if one comes across any symptoms of the ailment, it is best to get to a dentist as quickly as is possible. Timely intervention in curing the ailment is far better than waiting it out. The sooner the treatment begins for the ailment, the better it is.

Which are the primary causes for gingivitis?

The most common cause of gingivitis is not taking your oral hygiene habits seriously enough. Plaque formation on the teeth results in inflammation of the gums. Plaque, incidentally, is a somewhat invisible but sticky film-like deposit which is made of teeth bacteria. The bacteria intermingle with the starch and sugar quotient of the food items in the mouth. Also, plaque needs to be removed each day since it can re-accumulate very quickly.

If plaque is allowed to stay on the teeth and not removed, it can harden and form a thick calculus like substance which is called tartar. One cannot remove tartar at home. This can be done only during a professional clean-ship exercise by a qualified dentist. If tartar is allowed to stay on the teeth, it will irritate the gums around the base region of the teeth and cause swelling over there. With passing time, the gums start swelling up more and more and also begin to bleed when a person uses a toothbrush. Gingivitis then slowly turns into periodontitis which further may result in the loss of the tooth or teeth.

There are several factors which one needs to keep a watch on to be sure of not getting gingivitis. Other than bad oral hygiene habits, one should also not smoke or have much of tobacco intake. As our age increases, the chances of contracting gingivitis too increase. Dry mouth conditions, lack or less of vitamin C in the body system and dental restorations which are improperly fitting inside the mouth et al. may cause gingivitis. Sometimes issues during pregnancy, menstruation et al. also heighten the event of getting this malady.

What should always be kept in mind is that chronic gingivitis may have a connection with certain other ailments as well. For instance, linking up of gingivitis with respiratory disease, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and rheumatoid arthritis has also been found. There has been some talk about bacteria connected with periodontitis entering the bloodstream and causing damage to the heart, lungs and even other parts of the human body. Thus it becomes even more important to make sure to treat this disease and that too, on time.
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10 Reasons Why You Need Orthodontics, Humble?

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Orthodontics treatments or simply put, braces, once installed can give you numerous benefits, the ones you can never even think of. They are one such solution that can solve multiple problems. Some people might hesitate before they decide on undergoing the orthodontic treatment, but with professionals skills of the best dentist in Humble, you have nothing to fear. The right touch and the right equipment, are together going to give you the healthier looking straighter smile that one always has desired. However, we need to understand the significance of braces. Here are ten essentials to know regarding the orthodontics treatment:

  1. Dental braces or the orthodontics treatment tends to boost the self-esteem of a person. They help shoot the confidence way up. It is one of the primary reasons why people need to seek the help of the Orthodontics treatments, to ensure that they are not stuck in a social situation where they are uncomfortable and unhappy. The appearance of one’s teeth has a lot to do with what level of success they are at; if the appearance is healthy and bright, the person is confident enough to embark on new avenues in life, but not having the perfect teeth can make one feel unhappy and victimised.
  2. Your eating experience can be improved with the help of Orthodontics treatments. There is some form of difficulty some people experience while eating with misaligned teeth. The problems would not arise if people had straighter looking teeth. There could occur nutritional issues because of biting issues. There could also result in oral pains because of not having straighter teeth. And as a result, people could also experience periodontal diseases.
  3. The orthodontics treatments can also help solve the problems caused by the overcrowding of teeth. The condition can cause unfortunate situations for people and can lead to major forms of discomfort. And therefore, it is recommended that people opt for Orthodontics treatments. Through the help of braces, the problem of overcrowding can be solved.
  4. Crooked teeth can cause a myriad of embarrassing situations for many in various social settings. And therefore, the best dentist in Humble recommends that you opt for the orthodontic treatment to ensure that because of having crooked teeth, you do not have to face any sticky social situations or even problems related to prolonged tooth decay. You can live at ease after getting your teeth straightened.
  5. In comparison to other dental treatments, the orthodontic treatment is one of the most secure ones. They can hardly jeopardize your dental aesthetics; they are going to help you maintain your oral health and are going to give your mouth the appearance of being bright and healthy. You would not have to worry about any potential dental infections and diseases once your teeth are straightened.
  6. With the help of Orthodontics treatments, you would not have to worry about having other Orthodontics issues related to biting. Your misaligned jaws can be corrected along with straightening your teeth. You would not have to feel victimised anymore because of the lack of a correct jaw.
  7. All kinds of gaps in your mouth can be filled with the help of the Orthodontics treatments. The closing of gaps means less infiltration of bacteria and germs inside your mouth, your gums, lesser food debris sticking in your mouth, which means superior protection against dental diseases.
  8. Orthodontics treatments play a huge part in protecting your teeth from all kinds of damages by straightening them, and therefore, it leads to the expansion of their life. Teeth once straightened, can be very easy to maintain and clean.
  9. It is now imperative for a person to have straight teeth because people now judge you and your success level depends on it. It has been found out in studies that straighter teeth have led to social success in majority cases. Your teeth are going to be able to determine whether or not you require the position you have been eyeing for.
  10. A healthy tooth is an equivalent to healthy life. Because straight teeth are easy to maintain and are healthier options, it is important to know that this can lead to the prevention of numerous dental infections, and can also lead to longer lives. If your teeth are not in a healthy state, you could be sure to catch various diseases. Because of the infections, you are not going to be able to intake proper amounts of nutrition, or only the infection could also spread to the other body parts, which will ruin things for you, if not dealt with. Therefore, it is significant that dental health is maintained to ensure that your life is not in any form of danger.

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Why Do You Need the Best Dentist in Houston?

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Best dentists are those who not only treat the dental maladies of a given patient but also educate and inform them about dental and oral hygiene. It is best if the dentist informs the patient about the importance of brushing teeth twice daily for at least two minutes each time. Also, the patient should floss the teeth at least once each day. Also, both these activities should be undertaken by using proper techniques for them. The dentist should also emphasize to the patients about the importance of coming for regular check-ups. During these, he or she will screen the patient for dental maladies like oral cancer and gingivitis et al. These are diseases which are best caught in the bud. If they are detected early, there is a cent percent cure for them. Or else their advancement can cause quite a problem in the life of a patient.

What else does a dentist do?

Also, a dentist should inform the patient about the importance of looking after milk teeth. Several times, one finds people not taking care of their milk teeth and thinking that these are soon going to fall off, thus, why bother about them. What they do not realize is that oral habits are formed best during childhood. Thus, they should emphasize to their children, the importance of looking after their milk teeth. Also the diet and intake of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals should be done at this time to ensure that the permanent teeth which erupt out do so as the best possible set of pearlies that one can have.
The best dentist will also educate the patients about the possibility of straightening teeth is such is the requirement. Sometimes, our teeth come out misaligned or irregularly-placed. This affects the smile value of a person. Also their manner of eating, smiling and talking may get affected. The real problem lies in the fact that such people may develop low self-esteem and confidence levels especially if they are made the butt of jokes by their peers, friends, and relatives. Thus, they can rectify this malady with the use of retainers and braces. However, a lot of people are unaware of the fact that braces and retainers can even be used by adults and not just by children and adolescents. It is the duty of the best dentist to inform patients about these solutions to such malaises.
A dentist can also tell a patient about the latest techniques which have come into the dental world. These include dental implants and even root canal therapy. The former is a very advanced form of treatment with which a person can have his or her original smile and manner of eating and talking restored back to him or her. The latter is a therapy by which a person’s infected or damaged tooth or teeth are not removed but are restored. This treatment, as many, unlike people think, is not very painful.

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Why Should You Consider Porcelain Veneers Treatment, Katy?

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Considering porcelain veneers as a dental restorative option is a great option for various reasons. There are several reasons why porcelain veneers are the best dental restorations for you and why should you have them:

  • With the help of porcelain veneers, you could enjoy a healthier, brighter and whiter smile. Your teeth can develop permanent whiteness with the help of porcelain veneers. They could give you results which teeth whitening treatments cannot and hence are successful. If you are one of those people who feel insecure of their stained and discolored teeth, then porcelain veneers treatment is one of the best options.
  • Porcelain veneers treatment help shape your teeth that have been chipped or misshapen.the problems that occur on the surface of your teeth can be resolved easily with the help of porcelain veneers. Depending on the severity of your dental problem, porcelain veneers can be made to fit you and adjust you in various shapes and sizes to give you aesthetically better-looking teeth.
  • Dental porcelain veneers treatment tends to fix the problems of gaps in your teeth. Porcelain veneers, in comparison to other dental restorations, are effective in covering your dental gaps while giving your teeth the shape that makes them look healthier and fuller. Along with filling the gap in your teeth, they also fill the gaps in your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Porcelain veneers treatment is one of the most durable dental treatments around. For some people, they could last for about 15 years. The porcelain veneer options could be costly, but if they last for more than a decade, they become cost effective. Porcelain veneers are thus the greatest option that is durable and natural.
  • Porcelain veneers are designed to replicate your natural teeth, regarding their color. In addition to this, the porcelain veneers could enhance their natural sheen and beautify them.
  • The biggest advantage porcelain veneers offer you is the positive effect they have on your self-esteem and confidence, along with your emotional well being. They are going to eliminate all of your insecurity regarding your dental aesthetics and would turn your sorrows into smiles. It would open new avenues for you and would make you reach the highest points in the social ladder of success. A beautiful smile can certainly go a long way.

Have a talk with the best dentist in Katy regarding the benefits of porcelain veneers for you. Whether or not they are the right option for you, you would get to know after having a consultation with your dental care provider. Book your appointment today for your porcelain veneer treatment, call us- (281) 713-4175. Or visit us- Southern Dental of Katy. 1215-N Fry Rd
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