History’s Fun Dental Stories You Ought to Know! – Webster, TX

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History, indeed, is loaded with outrageous teeth tales! Never heard some of them before? Sit back, relax, and get ready to be amazed as we at Southern Dental listed down fun and bizarre dental stories from the past that will leave a smile in your faces.


Dental Implant


The won battle of Yorktown because of dental woes.

In the height of the Revolutionary War, George Washington’s dentist received a letter from the Commander in Chief himself containing a request for some dental cleaning tools to be dispatch to New York, with a note stating that the American forces wouldn’t be in Philadelphia any time soon. The British stopped the correspondence, making them think that Washington would not command his army to move to Yorktown. However, the Americans did launch an attack on Yorktown, surprising the unaware British forces, making them win the battle!

The powerful tooth.

Did you know that there is actually an existing temple for a tooth? In Sri Lanka, there is one temple that homed the left canine of Buddha. When Buddha died, his tooth became impactful in the field of politics. They believe that the one who has the tooth deserve to govern the country. It is the reason why the tooth has been passed down from generation to generation of monarchs as a mark of great power and authority to rule. What a strong tooth after all!

Spinach on the teeth? Ew!

Mick Jagger, the famous frontman for the movie Rolling Stones, in the quest of adding sparkles to his smile tried placing an emerald chip in one of his teeth. Ironically, a majority of the people thought it was a bit of spinach. After such time, he removed the spinach-looking thing on his tooth and replaced it with ruby. Unfortunately, he always hears people telling him it was a blood droplet. Tired Jagger settled on a diamond finally.

Getting into the role.

Admit it. Hard work and dedication keep actors in their career. As for the Pirates in the Caribbean star Johnny Depp, he invested in the real gold caps to put on his teeth. He devotedly wore them after the third film was finished. On the other hand, the comedy star in the movie The Hangover, Ed Helms, is seen as someone with a missing tooth after being punched by Mike Tyson, the boxing legend. Well, his toothless smile is real! Surprised? After one of his permanent front teeth never grew in, he invested in a dental implant to improve the appearance of his grin. But for the sake of the film, he had it taken out to look authentic in his role.

Dental implants are made up of either metal posts or frames positioned surgically into the bone of the jaw to replace the missing teeth. When in need of one, contact us at Southern Dental for we provide Dental Implants services.


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School’s In, Smile’s Out in Webster, TX

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School is in. This season is probably the best time to look forward to new things, learnings, experiences, faces, and – new smiles? Indeed! However, for some, going back to school means a lot of busy days and loads of lecture notes to tackle. Is smiling still possible?

As quoted by the famous Argentine footballer, Lionel Messi, “A child’s smile is worth more than all the money in the world.” There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the little ones happy and smiling. For parents, it is important to protect and maintain their children’s smile by giving more attention to their dental health.

The mouth, teeth, and gums are the “frontline” to every person’s profile. We at Southern Dental believes that the best way to keep the innocent, adorable white smiles of children is to focus more on the health of these three vital parts of the body. Through our Pediatric Dentistry services, parents can rest assured that their children are free from any oral diseases and irregularities.


Pediatric Dentistry


Positive Effects of Smiling and Laughing to Children

Smiling is every child’s first language. It is then associated with laughter as they begin to reach four to ten weeks of age. According to a German psychologist, the amount of laughs that children can produce in a day is up to 300-400 times. Parents should encourage their children to enjoy the gift of laughter and smile as it is beneficial for them.

  • Laughing and smiling boosts the immune system. When children smile, they release a certain molecule called neuropeptides that fight off stress. Moreover, a negative emotion weakens the immune system, while positive emotions strengthen it.
  • Smiling makes children feel good about themselves, thereby, lifting up their confidence and self-esteem.
  • A good laugh and smile strengthen the respiratory and cheek muscles.


How to Maintain the Child’s Smile?

Taking care of the children’s teeth is the most practical way to keep them show off their healthy smiles every day. Below are simple yet effective tips to level up the child’s dental health.

  • Visit a pediatric dentist regularly for check-ups, cleanings, and other treatment that combats tooth decay or cavities such as sealants for excellent overall oral health.
  • Parents should include a separate oral care kit which consists of a travel-sized toothbrush, fluoridated toothpaste, floss, and a bottle of alcohol-free mouthwash in their children’s school bag for cleaner mouth and teeth at school.
  • Packing a healthy lunch for children is also necessary. Sugary and acidic treats are usually the causes of tooth decay.
  • When drinking soda, for example, make sure to use a drinking straw to avoid the sugar and acid particles from sticking into the teeth which might, later on, result into tooth enamel erosion.


There’s plenty of reason to smile about this back-to-school season, especially with white, brilliant teeth. Visit Southern Dental for you and your child’s Pediatric Dentistry needs in Webster, TX. We are located at 1249 W Bay Area Blvd Webster, TX 77598.

Complete and Partial Dentures in Heights Houston, TX

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There are several types of teeth restorations offered at the dental office to cater to each patient needs. Different conditions are needed to qualify for a specific restoration procedure like with implants; it is required for a patient to have a sufficient bone structure for support or with dental bridges which needs the adjacent teeth to be healthy enough to support the dental crowns and pontics. People who are not candidates for these treatments opts for Dentures. Southern Dental provides dentures that are either affordable or high quality depending on the patient’s preference while securing its perfect fit for Complete or Partial Dentures.



What are Dentures?

A denture is a type of restoration procedure that can replace single, multiple, or even all of the patient’s missing teeth. The base is made of acrylic or resin materials which mimic the natural gum color while the artificial teeth are made from porcelain to make it appear as natural as possible. A denture is a removable prosthesis which is more fragile than natural teeth and can be easily broken especially without proper care and maintenance. In the long run, dentures can change its fitting but the dentist can quickly adjust its fitting, or it may need a replacement for a perfect fit.


Two Forms of Dentures Offered at Southern Dental

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are often the best option for patients who do not have sufficient bone and tooth support for other dental restoration procedures. Artificial teeth or Pontics are attached to an acrylic base or a metal framework shaped as the patient’s mouth structure to ensure proper fitting. It is worn over healthy teeth structure without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. A partial denture does not only replace the missing teeth, but it also makes sure that the other teeth near the gap would not shift its position.


Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are teeth replacements that can cover the entire row of the teeth at either top or bottom jaw. It helps the patients to regain their smile and their teeth function including eating and talking. It also offers a more affordable treatment of replacing the entire teeth compared to other types of restorations. The base is fitted correctly to the patient’s upper or lower gum structure to ensure its proper hold to the mouth minimizing the worries of it slipping while talking or eating. The upper jaw denture is shaped to cover the roof of the mouth or palate while the lower denture is formed like a horseshoe to cover only the area of the teeth without getting in the way of the tongue.


Partial and Complete dentures are a more affordable type of dental restoration that can help patients to regain their confidence and the function of their missing teeth. Practicing good dental hygiene and care can ensure the sanitation of dentures, but the change of its fit is inevitable. A dentist from Southern Dental can help patients in having their dentures refitted and fixed for a better and natural looking smile.


Aiming to restore your teeth as natural as it was before? Contact us to know more about Complete and Partial Dentures in Houston, TX, or to schedule your appointment with Southern Dental.

Effective Ways in Taking Care of Porcelain Veneers – Pasadena, TX

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Having teeth imperfections can affect a person both physically and mentally. They tend to be more self-conscious and unconfident in dealing with other people on a daily basis. Thanks to dentistry there are now multiple treatments available that can provide a solution for this dental concern. These solutions allow patients to regain their appearance and mental wellness; it also restores the function of their damaged teeth for an excellent overall dental condition.

Veneers may have been around for hundreds of years, but it is still an ideal solution for teeth imperfections such as chips, discolorations, slight misalignments, and cracks. The procedure has caught up with the latest advancements in dentistry further improving its durability, function, and appearance.

At Southern Dental we provide custom-made Porcelain Veneers, they are thin-shell like dental prosthesis that can be placed on the front surface of the teeth. It can cover teeth imperfections without appearing out of place; porcelain is known to appear as natural as the original teeth which makes it visually pleasing.

Porcelain Veneers

How to Properly Take Care of Porcelain Veneers:

  • The best way of taking care of porcelain veneers and other dental prostheses is to practice proper dental hygiene and care for its maintenance and care that can guarantee its longevity.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to avoid scratching the surface since it can compromise the longevity of the porcelain veneers.
  • Do not use the teeth as a tool to open bottles or plastic packets and also avoid nibbling on the nails. Exerting these unnecessary pressures can cause the veneer to break, chip, or crack.
  • Use fluoridated dental products such as toothpaste or mouthwash to act as a barrier that protects the porcelain veneers and natural teeth from harmful substances that can cause damage.
  • Porcelain veneers are stain resistant but not the original teeth structures. It is better to avoid or minimize the intake of foods and beverages with strong colors since it can change the natural shade of the teeth. The porcelain veneers would stand out since it is only the treated tooth that would appear to be whiter than the others.
  • While playing contact sports or other physical activities be sure to wear mouthguards, it does not only guarantee the safety of the dental prosthesis but also for the natural teeth and other oral structures.

Porcelain veneers are minimally invasive procedures which can correct multiple teeth imperfections while providing better aesthetics, function, and durability.

Porcelain Veneers in Pasadena, TX can completely transform a patient’s smile and self-confidence. Don’t wait any longer! Schedule your appointment at Southern Dental. We welcome patients to schedule a consultation to see which treatments are best suited for them. We are located at 7219 Fairmont Pkwy. Suite 100 Pasadena, TX 77505.

Invisalign: A Metal-Free Teeth Straightening Treatment in Baybrook Mall

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Misaligned or crooked teeth does not only affect one’s smile but also the facial appearance, the ability to eat and speak and even self-esteem. Poor teeth alignment can also cause complications such as headaches and pain in the neck and face. It is also makes cleaning difficult which increases the risk of cavities and decay that can lead to oral diseases. With these issues, orthodontic treatments are used. However, some people are hesitant to undergo treatment because of uncomfortable brackets and wires. Here at Southern Dental, we offer a metal-free orthodontic treatment commonly known as Invisalign. We help patients achieve straight teeth and improved jaw and facial structure without the use of uncomfortable brackets and wires.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign an innovative approach in straightening the teeth. Invisalign is a custom-made aligner tray which is made of transparent, smooth and comfortable plastic resin. The aligners are designed to shift the teeth gradually into the desired position. These aligner trays are changed every two weeks to follow the new teeth alignment until the treatment is complete.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Aesthetics

Since Invisalign is made of plastic resin, it is nearly invisible. It is ideal for adults who do not want to live with traditional braces which have metal wires and brackets.

  • Comfort

Invisalign is made of smooth plastic resin making it comfortable. There are no sharp edges that can cause abrasion.

  • Easy Cleaning

The aligner trays are removable allowing the patient to clean it easily. When a patient brushes their teeth, aligners can be removed for an effective and easy cleaning which promote a healthy oral condition.

  • No Food Restriction

Invisalign are removable, so the patient can enjoy the food they want without any restrictions.

Invisalign is developed to improve your smile. Be confident and show off your beautiful and healthy smile with Invisalign.

The road to a straighter, healthier mouth begins with an orthodontist appointment. If you’re looking for Invisalign Treatment in Baybrook Mall, schedule an appointment with Southern Dental. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have. We are located at 1249 W Bay Area Blvd Webster, TX 77598.