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Trusted Emergency Dental Care Since 1957. Welcome to Houston Emergency Dental, Houston's first urgent Dental Care Center. We have six dental offices equipped to deal with most dental emergency cases. We are open seven days a week, and we accept most insurances as well as cash, credit, debit and CareCredit.

Emergency Services for Kids

There’s nothing worse than seeing a child you love in pain. Unfortunately, children are particularly susceptible to dental problems for several reasons:

  1. Kids don’t always have the best dental habits. Even when they do their best, they rarely take care of their teeth as well as an adult can.
  2. Primary (or “milk”) teeth are less durable and more susceptible to plaque, decay and cavities.
  3. Children are less aware of what’s happening to their bodies, and this applies to teeth as well. A child simply doesn’t know enough to realize they need to see a dentist until they’re in some serious pain.

We understand all these problems. We also understand how awful it is to deal with a child whose teeth hurt. This is why our emergency dental services for kids are available 364 days a year, seven days a week when you need them most.

Adult Emergency Services

Of course, children aren’t the only ones who need emergency services. Adults do too - albeit for different reasons, such as:

  1. Being in pain and finding out your regular family dentist won’t be able to see you for days (or weeks).
  2. Going on vacation, especially one that involves sports, and chipping/losing/breaking your tooth. When this happens, there’s no chance to reserve a future visit to the dentist, so your options are limited.
  3. Telling yourself that the discomfort you feel is “all in your mind," or that “it can wait a little longer” - only to wake up one day with a thumping pain in your mouth (and/or swelling).

If you find yourself in any of these situations - or otherwise in need of emergency dental services - we’ll be happy to assist you. We don’t want a dental emergency to ruin your day, week or vacation!

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