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Southern Dental Associates Deerbrook is here for you for all your general dentistry needs. Our professional dentistry team is standing by to assist you with a complete range of services including crowns and bridges, professional cleanings, full dental examinations, digital X-rays as well as oral cancer screenings. Our services include:

General Dentistry Services

Crowns & Bridges

At Southern Dental Associates in Deerbrook, we specialize in assisting our patients with porcelain crowns and bridges to solve a variety of dental conditions. Our high-quality bridges and crowns are affixed to the existing teeth (or implants) to correct broken, imperfect or failing natural teeth. The difference between a crown and bridge is that a crown, also referred to as a cap, is used to entirely cover a damaged tooth while a bridge creates a “bridge” between two teeth due to missing or removed teeth. Crowns are affixed to an existing tooth, while bridges are either cemented to surrounding teeth or implanted below the gumline where the original tooth once was.

Benefits of crowns and bridges:
  • Strengthening a damaged tooth,
  • Improving a tooth’s appearance, shape, alignment and bite
  • Eliminating gaps left by missing teeth to improve appearance and reduce natural shifting

Regular Checkup

Keeping up with regular dental checkups is the best way to care for your smile. Many potential dental problems can be avoided with regular cleanings and preventative care. Additionally, life-threatening conditions such as oral cancer can be detected through these routine visits. Don’t miss your six-month appointment with the dental team at Southern Dental. Regular dental checkups at Southern Dental Associates Deerbrook include professional cleaning, full examination, digital X-rays as well as oral cancer screening.

Professional Cleaning

Your teeth should receive a professional cleaning every six months. A professional cleaning can prevent gum disease, cavities, bad breath and even impact your overall health. During your professional cleaning, the dental hygienist at Southern Dental will scale away any plaque and tartar around your gum line and in between your teeth.

Full Examination

Your full examination with the dental pros at Southern Dental Associates should take place at least two times each year. During this visit, you’ll receive your professional cleaning and full examination from the dentist that includes an oral cancer screening. In addition, the dentist at Southern Dental will check your teeth for signs of decay and examine the gum for signs of disease. The dentist will also address any concerns that you may be experiencing in terms of pain, sensitivity or cosmetic issues.

Digital X-rays

At our state of the art offices, the team at Southern Dental provides the latest in digital X-ray technology to ensure your routine visits or dental issues are addressed fully. Once each year, we’ll take digital imagery of your entire mouth to keep an eye on things and work on keeping your entire oral health at its very best.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a life-threatening condition, but it is also easily prevented with routine checks by professional dentists. At Southern Dental Associates in Deerbrook, we pride ourselves on providing the best care even for routine check-ups that include comprehensive oral cancer screenings.

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Kendria R.

The staff was patient and understanding. The exam was timely and the care that I needed was explained in complete and full details. I was proved with payment options. The staff was friendly and professional.

Peter M.

Southern Dental has been so extremely helpful with all my needs. Whether it's been a routine cleaning or root canal they always find time to accommodate me. Running late or need work done on the weekends, Southern Dental is there. Definitely will recommend to friends and colleagues.

Craig F.

Wonderful place to get your dental needs met. Amber on the front desk is amazing! Her warm and welcoming smile made me feel at ease In the waiting room.
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