Porcelain Veneers

Now you can repair chipped, damaged or stained teeth permanently with porcelain veneers by the trained dentists in the Houston offices of Southern Dental.

Improve your smile with this long lasting solution. Damaged teeth, chipped teeth or staining can ruin a perfect smile; correcting these problems can restore confidence, can be the difference in a professional career let our trained team of dental professionals show you how Porcelain Veneers in Houston can help you achieve the look you want.

Porcelain veneers are thin and custom designed to fit your teeth even though they are thin they are incredibly strong and resist discoloring. Our dentists will create veneers that match your existing smile and no one will ever know that you have had them done. The process for getting started is very easy during your examine will take a mold of your teeth and from your own mold a porcelain veneer will be created for you in our Houston offices. Once the veneer is made it will be trimmed to fit perfectly and will then proceed to prepare your tooth this ensures that your veneer will remain permanently adhered. Dental cement is then applied and any excess is removed. You then are given instructions for recovery time and a follow up is scheduled. The advantages to having Porcelain veneers in Houston are numerous, everything from appearing completely like your natural teeth, to being stain resistant this is a chance to have the smile you have always wanted.

Veneers can be used to reshape your teeth and give you completely new and beautiful teeth and smile. Veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain that are custom made, for shape and color, that are very durable. They are bonded to the front of the teeth to give you a new an attractive smile. These are placed at a dental laboratory by a professional. Veneers can often be an alternative to crowns and are ideal for treating different dental conditions. They are very durable but not permanent and might need replacement.

Reasons why you might need porcelain veneers:

  • Crooked and misshapen teeth
  • Cosmetic reasons, to create a more beautiful, white and uniform smile
  • Severely stained or discolored teeth
  • Worn or chipped teeth
  • Uneven or unwanted spaces

What does it involve to get porcelain veneers?

It is a relatively quick and painless procedure which only requires two visits to complete the process and very little or no anaesthesia. Firstly, the teeth are lightly buffed and shaped on the surface to allow for the thickness of the veneer. Then, your dentist will take a mold or impression of your teeth and then, you and your dentist will chose the shade (color) you prefer.

On the second visit your teeth will be cleaned with special liquids for a more durable bond. Boding cement is then placed between your tooth and the veneer and to harden and set the bond, a special light bean will then be used.

After your veneers have been placed you will receive after care instructions from your dentist. For longer lasting veneers we recommend proper brushing, regular dental visits and flossing. 

At Southern Dental Associates, we are dedicated to improving and restoring your smile to a beautiful healthy condition. We are happy to provide you with the necessary information and discuss your options. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you feel porcelain veneers are for you  call today! We have  nine convenient locations in the Houston area: Heights, Spring Branch, Pasadena, Palm Center, Sugar Land, Willowbrook, Deerbrook, Katy and Baybrook with implant services provided at Spring Branch, Deerbrook and Katy.  See which location is nearest to you and call today. Southern Dental has extended hours and weekend dental appointments available.

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"Dr Michael Lewis at Southern Dental on Wirt Road is very professional and takes the time to speak to his patients and gives great advice. He just did my Bridge work and he did an excellent job! His staff is very professional as well and very friendly. I will definatley be going back and I recommend this location highly!"

- Andrew

"I haven't ever received any outstanding service or anything here. It's always been good and I've been happy. But I just went in for a cleaning and wow it was GREAT! Maybe it was just me but I felt like they were much warmer than usual. and they finished really quickly. I'm happy that this is my dentist."


"I highly recommend Dr. Michael Lewis as a caring and excellent dentist. He did a great job on my teeth. The Southern Dental at the Wirt Road location is where Dr. Lewis practices. His staff is also very helpful and polite."

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