In-House Periodontist

A distinguished Harvard graduate, Dr. Bassir is a caring, skilled oral surgeon and periodontist. He is trained in a variety of specialized treatments and surgical procedures, including complex wisdom tooth extractions, biopsy surgery, dental implantation, osseous (pocket depth reduction) surgery, freulectomy, and dental crown lengthening. Dr. Bassir can also perform orthodontic exposures, using a minor surgical procedure to expose an impacted tooth before gently guiding it into place with braces. As a surgeon, Dr. Bassir is trained to offer sedation dentistry services, including IV conscious sedation and oral sedation, to provide the most comfortable and pain-free experience possible to his patients.

May 31 - June 2

  • 31st Baybrook
  • 1st Willowbrook
  • 2nd Heights

June 28-30

  • 28th Baybrook
  • 29th Willowbrook
  • 30th Heights

July 19-21

  • 19th Baybrook
  • 20th Willowbrook
  • 21st Heights

July 26-27

  • 26th Baybrook
  • 27th Willowbrook
  • 28th Heights

Aug 2-4

  • 2nd Baybrook
  • 3rd Willowbrook
  • 4th Heights

Aug 16-18

  • 16th Baybrook
  • 17th Willowbrook
  • 18th Height

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