Why you should consider using a water flosser!

Here at Southern Dental Associates, we believe that educating our patients about anything related to dental care is very important. We have touched on several topics about manual brushes vs electric brushes, what diet is best for your teeth and what nutrients you need to have strong healthy teeth. In this blog, we think we should address an alternative to flossing.

Oral health technology has increased tremendously over the past few years. Not only do we have electric toothbrush technology and teeth whitening devices to give us a healthy and white smile from the comfort of our own homes – but now it is easier for us to have good oral health and healthy teeth.

Water picks have now become more and more popular as dentists insist on the importance of flossing. A water pick, also called water floss is exactly that – a device to floss with water rather than the common wax flosser.

You have probably seen them at your dentist offices, where pressurized water washes through the hard to get areas of your mouth during a cleaning or other procedures – the concept is the same one. The device, which you can buy at any retail store that sells health products, has a water deposit and a hose-like device where the water flows at a pressure adjusted through a nozzle with different levels.

The benefits of using a water floss is that you can easily remove plaque and buildup that accumulates between the gum and where your tooth starts, you will be able to get it with a toothbrush but with a water pick and the right pressure you will get rid of about 99% of plaque.

Talk to our dentists on the benefits of water flossing and what they can recommend they would love to help you!

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