Why Is It Necessary to Undergo Teeth Extractions? – Stafford, TX

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A person can only have two sets of teeth in their lifetime: primary teeth or also known as baby teeth and permanent/adult teeth. Since infancy, oral health care should already be practiced. As soon as the first tooth erupts, children must be brought to the dental office to have the dental professional asses their oral health. It is highly recommended to maintain this practice every six months for better results.

Unfortunately, not everyone observes this habit, and others even tend to neglect their oral health! In return, their teeth and other structures are put at risk. Once the teeth are comprised beyond the help of restorative options, what’s left is to undergo teeth extractions. As a person ages, the oral wellness is more likely to deteriorate, hence, increasing the risk for tooth loss due to the rise of oral complications.

At Southern Dental, we offer both regular and surgical extractions as a last resort. Our dental professionals will first exhaust all possible treatments in an attempt to save the tooth from extractions. If it is already too late, we ensure our patients that we perform the removal of the tooth as careful and comfortable as possible.


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Most Common Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

  • Usually, if a tooth breaks, there are available treatments to stop it from worsening and preserve both its appearance as well as function. However, if the damage reaches near the gumline, an extraction procedure may be performed to avoid any possible complications.
  • There are times when a tooth does not fully erupt or remains trapped under the gumline. When this happens, the site of the problem tooth can home bacteria and other harmful substances that can put the structures at risk. The condition is referred to as impaction, and it is pretty common to wisdom teeth. To prevent it from harming the healthy teeth, a surgical extraction will be performed.
  • Tooth decay, the leading problem experienced by a multitude of people is also the primary reason why a tooth needs to be removed. If it spreads on a tooth without receiving any professional attention, it may affect the adjacent structures. Extracting the tooth will be a priority to avoid this from happening.
  • Like tooth decay, gum disease also results in the removal of the teeth if the problem is left unattended. The condition attacks and weakens the supporting structures like gums and jaw, therefore, leading to the loosening of the teeth on its socket.


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