Ways for Everyone to Achieve Straighter Teeth

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Do you have misaligned teeth that cause your smile to look unattractive? We at Southern Dental got you covered! We offer several orthodontic treatments to help everyone achieve straight-looking teeth for an eye-catching smile.

But what is orthodontics? It is a particular branch of dentistry where the dentist utilizes different materials to guide malpositioned teeth. In the past, people had their teeth straightened by bonding metal brackets and wires on the enamel. Although the approach remains highly effective up until today, not everyone finds the way it looks favorable. Fortunately, with the help of continuous technological advancements, people can now avail of a more comfortable and discreet way of straightening the teeth.

after orthodontic treatment

The orthodontic treatments our patients can take advantage of are ceramic or metal braces and Invisalign. Aside from these, we can also provide additional devices like face masks, headgear, and retainers for everyone to get the best results possible.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Better hygiene

Having crooked teeth make oral hygiene practices more challenging. But, once the teeth are straightened, patients can easily clean the spaces in between to get rid of accumulations on the tight spaces effectively. As a result, the risk of developing oral complications decreases.

Corrects speech

Aside from the risk of oral issues, teeth imperfections can also lead to lisp. For example, gapped teeth can cause a person to produce whistling sounds, and malalignment of the front teeth makes it hard to pronounce words with  “t”, “s”, “ch” sounds. But after straightening the teeth, patients will be able to speak much clearer.

Alleviate jaw problems

Misalignment of the jaw can lead to damage and pain in the long run. Fortunately, as orthodontics straightens the teeth, the position of the jaws are being corrected as well.

Prevents abnormal enamel wear

Malpositioned teeth can over time lead to excessive wear, which can make the structures look unsightly. Aside from this, the risk of oral complications also increases due to the compromised teeth. Orthodontics can help prevent abnormal wear by making sure that the teeth are in their proper positions without scraping the adjacent pearly whites.

For anyone wondering, undergoing orthodontics is totally worth it! Not just in providing beautiful smiles but also in keeping the oral health in shape and improving everyone’s confidence.

What are you waiting for? Get the smile of your dreams by availing of our Orthodontic offers in Pasadena, TX! Call or visit us at Southern Dental to get started with the treatment.