Tips on How to Overcome Your Complete and Partial Dentures in Humble, TX

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Losing your teeth in your adult age, when you have a social standing to maintain can mean disaster to many people. Losing teeth should not mean that your social life is crippled, or that your daily lifestyle functions need to get avoided. Your confidence does not have to go down the drain because of your lack of teeth now. And hence, to facilitate you, the revolutionary solution- dentures is always there.

Dentures can be of two kinds- complete and partial; they are natural looking restorative dental solutions that can be fixed and removed from your mouth, as and when needed. What makes them revolutionary is the fact that dentures are custom made, they are individually designed, to make sure they fit better.

The partial dentures are the kinds that are fixed when a person tends to lose a couple of teeth in either of the jaws. Whereas, complete dentures are those that are fixed to the mouth when a person loses almost all of their teeth, in either or both the jaws.

After getting your complete and partial dentures, you will realize that there are a variety of problems that can occur. Here are some tips on how to overcome them.

  • Slipping of dentures: yes dentures are custom made to fit you completely. However, after some time when your teeth are extracted, and the healing process is over, the gums can shrink down a little. This can cause your dentures to slip away. Consult your dentist for solutions like denture adhesives, dental implants, etc. to keep them in place.
  • Pain and soreness: soon after you get your new dentures, you might feel discomfort. Along with the feeling of discomfort, you might feel pain and soreness. Rinsing your mouth with salt water can help you get rid of such problems. It is your mouth adjusting to a foreigner (dentures) that can cause these pains and soreness.
  • Excess of saliva: you might feel that your mouth is producing saliva in abundance after you get your dentures. But once your mouth gets adjusted to the feeling of dentures, the saliva shall be under control. If you are still unable to, boil some mints and chew them. Keep doing this frequently, and you will see a difference.
  • Uncomfortable: in the beginning, you might feel that your dentures are not made for you, or that they are too big for you. They might make you feel uncomfortable at first because your dental aesthetics are still not used to them. This uncomfortable feeling will go away once your muscles adjust to the dentures.
  • Halitosis: since your dentures still do not have anything permanently fixing them to your mouth, like an adhesive, when you eat your food the food particles are going to stick to the back of your dentures. Over a period, this can cause the problem of halitosis, because of bacterial development.

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