Tips to help you keep your kids mouth’s healthy on Halloween

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Halloween is right around the corner, this means lots of candy, sugar highs and fun costumes! Many parents try to control what candies their kids are allowed and most of the time there’s not many left! Instead of teaching them that candy is bad, use this time to teach them about good dental habits and oral health.

Here are some dental expert tips for keeping your children’s teeth healthy this Halloween.

  1. ModerationGiving children the impression that candy is “bad” might lead to them wanting it more, over eating it when they are away from home and making it even more desirable if they are “not allowed” it. Instead, teach them it is ok to have some candy in moderation. Allow them to choose 10, or whatever number you see fit, of the candy that they want the most and the rest put it away. Moderation is an important concept to teach children and will promote a healthy diet.
  2.  Set Treat Time – Having a designated time to have their candy, teaches children that candies are “treats” and not an all-day long feast. Knowing that there is a specific time where they can enjoy
    their candy will stop them from wanting or thinking about it all day.
  3. Brush Time Soon After – It should go without saying that brushing should follow treat time. Specially if treat time is before going to bed, brushing and flossing should come right after. Tooth decay is very common in kids that don’t have a set cleaning routine, Flouride mouth rinses for children are great at preventing this. Include flossing and rinsing in their daily cleaning routine specially around Halloween time.
  4. Make it Fun – Use Halloween time to get new brushes for your kids. Dentists recommend replacing toothbrushes every 3-4 months anyway, so use this occasion to go toothbrush shopping and allow them to choose their brush and toothpaste. Choosing fun brushes and allowing them to choose different flavored pastes makes it more fun and they will enjoy brush time more.
  5. What candy to avoid – With the different varieties available now a day for children on Halloween, it is hard to pick out which ones are the ones that might not be as damaging as others. The ones that you should definitely avoid are hard candies that stay in your mouth too long, having sugary candies for too long can put your kids at a greater risk for tooth decay, this includes sticky candy that is hard to be washed away with saliva or brushed off. Also, keep and eye on hard candy which can cause damaged if bitten into.


Remember! Brush your teeth and enjoy the candy in moderation!