This month is World Oral Health Month – Let’s stock up on all our oral hygiene supplies!

Spring is here! It feels like Christmas was just a few weeks ago, but as we enter March and the weather improves and we get ready for our Spring cleaning in our homes – we also should take the opportunity to do stock up in all our dental hygiene supplies!

Our mouths are not the only ones that need that spring cleaning this month, we also need to take the chance to change our toothbrushes if we haven’t done so this year and also stock up on toothpaste, floss and mouthwash. to last us for a while.

Make sure you and your little ones are keeping up with your oral hygiene routine brushing at least twice a day and flossing to get rid of all the bacteria and food that gets stuck in our teeth and creates bad breath, cavities and other serious diseases.

This month is also World Oral Health Month so let’s celebrate by educating our families on the importance of having good oral hygiene!

Brush, brush, brush!

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