The Five Facts You Need to Know About Fillings

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Due to tooth decay, cavities may form and cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, we live in a time where a quick and straightforward method exists to address this problem. We at Southern Dental, offer tooth filling procedure to save the affected teeth and bring not only your smile but also your confidence back.

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Defining Tooth Filling

A tooth filling is a process where the cavity is filled with amalgam, composite, or porcelain materials. The dental health professional will first remove the decayed tooth material, cleanse and disinfect the tooth and then fill the cavity with the material that is ideal for the needs of the patient. This is done to seal off the cavity and prevent the bacteria from entering, stopping any further decay. The process also helps to keep the function and shape of the tooth.

Five Facts About Tooth Fillings

  • Tooth fillings need to be replaced as they get worn out over the years of chewing. Clenching and grinding teeth may make you replace your fillings sooner. It is best to avoid doing those actions. Despite having the need to be replaced, tooth fillings are guaranteed to last for years on end before they need replacing. 
  • A wide range of materials is available for tooth filling. Using metals like gold and silver amalgam (the composition of mercury, silver and other metals) are possible when getting a tooth filling. There is also an option for tooth-colored composite to be used. You can choose your filling depending on your aesthetic preference. 
  • Tooth fillings should be taken care of. After getting a filling, pain and sensitivity might be experienced. However, this discomfort will subside in a while. Take care of your fillings by using products suited for sensitive teeth. 
  • Chewing on hard food and a forceful impact on the mouth might damage the filling. There are instances that a tooth filling might break at the event of an impact to the mouth. This may also occur when chewing hard food. Chew carefully and always remember to have the proper gear while playing sports to avoid damaging the filling.
  • Tooth fillings might get infected. In some cases, the cavity might pull away from the tooth and create a small space for the bacteria to enter it. If this happens, contact the dentist for a consultation.

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