Professional Teeth Whitening for Your Not-So-Pearly Whites – Katy, TX

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Losing the luster of the teeth can be experienced by anyone, eventually, due to many factors. Some of the reasons why teeth become discolored are the excessive intake of substances with intense colors, tobacco use, certain medications, advancing age, poor dental hygiene, fluoride intake, and trauma. Thankfully, bringing back a bright, white smile is easier than ever!

Various brands released whitening kits; known toothpaste brands incorporated whitening agents to their products, and dentists offer teeth whitening systems with a professional touch. With these, many people became confused about the ideal product or service to use. The best answer is Professional Teeth Whitening! Although other alternatives are cheaper and easily purchased at drugstores or even online shops, they do not work that much.

At Southern Dental, we have proven that professional teeth whitening systems work and that they are safe for use. Compared to over the counter kits, patients are assured that their teeth and other oral structures are not compromised. Irritations and burns on the soft tissues are avoided due to the preparations performed by dentists beforehand.


Teeth Whitening


What to Expect with Professional Teeth Whitening

  • The dentist will record the current shade of the patient’s teeth before starting the treatment.
  • Plaque on the surface of the teeth will be removed by polishing.
  • Oral retractors will be used to keep the soft tissues like the lips, tongue, and cheeks away from the whitening solution. Doing so is necessary to avoid any possible irritations.
  • A specific material will be placed on the gums to act as a barrier to avoid its exposure to the whitening agents.
  • It would be possible that the whitening solution will be applied directly on the surface of the teeth or through the help of custom-made whitening trays.
  • Depending on the teeth whitening system used, a special light may be used to activate the whitening property of the solution. It is also possible that this process will be repeated in an hour.
  • Afterward, fluoride will be applied on the teeth to minimize sensitivity which is quite common. It helps in making sure that the patient would only experience minor discomfort in just a short time.
  • Depending on the goal of the patient, additional visits may be scheduled to attain the shade they are aiming for.


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