Manual vs Electric Toothbrush – Which one is better?

There are so many options available to us when it comes to dental care that it can be quite difficult deciding which option is best to use. We have seen the evolution of the toothbrush from even as little as 10 years ago, how different they were.

With new technology and research we can find all sorts of new designs offering different benefits for our teeth. Long colorful bristles pointing in every direction for a deeper cleanse, or tongue cleaner included. However, the rise of powered toothbrushes has meant that more and more people are opting for these more expensive options.

So the question is, does paying more mean cleaner teeth? On this blog, we will discuss a few points on the benefits of each method and answer this question.

  • Manual/Normal Toothbrush:
    • Pros:
      •  There are more pros to using a manual toothbrush than we initially thought. First of all, portability – it is very portable and you only need a small case to place your toothbrush in to take it with you anywhere!
      • There are way more options to choose from than with the powered kind, with colorful bristles going in different directions you do have a feeling of a greater reach in those areas that are hard to get to.
      • Price wise, they are very cheap and depending on your needs you can choose the one that fits better for you, from sensitive guns with softer bristles, to shorter or longer bristles the prices varies but they are considerably cheaper than the powered kind.
    • Cons:
      • If this can be considered a con, there is more effort in brushing your teeth with a manual toothbrush, however, it cuts the time considerably as it covers a larger surface.
      • A manual toothbrush has a lifespan of maximum 3 months and it has to changed constantly.
  • Powered Toothbrush:
    • Pros:
      • Very easy to use and very helpful for people suffering from arthritis or find it difficult to grasp objects.
      • Most toothbrushes of this kind have a built-in timer to let you know when your 2 minutes are up! No more guessing.
      • Very efficient in removing plaque and cleaning gums, tongue and teeth.
    • Cons:
      • Price is much higher – it can range from $50 to other models costing $150.
      • They are not very portable, you need to carry the charger and make sure where you are traveling has a plug to plug it in! They can be very bulky and not as easy to carry.
      • They can break really easily  if dropped – you need to have much more care with electric toothbrushes especially if your kids are using them too.


Finally, to answer the question – no, it does not mean your teeth will be cleaner if you decide to pay more on a powered toothbrush. If you are a good flosser and brusher your teeth will be just as clean as anyone using a powered toothbrush – it is more in the method of cleaning and how thorough you clean that makes the difference.

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