Is it time to change your toothbrush?

When is it best to change your toothbrush? A lot of people don’t even remember when the last time they changed it was! Dentists recommend getting a new toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. The reason why is because the bristles become frayed and the brush becomes less efficient at cleaning our teeth thoroughly enough to have a healthy mouth!

Most toothbrushes have blue lines that indicate how new the brush is, if you see the color starts fading and you can’t remember when you last changed your brush, this is a good indicator that you might need a new one!

The more you use your brush the less tough the bristles become and they don’t get food from between our teeth or clean our teeth as they should this is why it is important to replace toothbrushes. We usually store toothbrushes together, and although we use it to clean our teeth bacteria can still get stuck to the brush, so make sure you clean it thoroughly after use and also keep away from other brushes if you have come down with a cold or are sick.

Dentists recommend storing brushes away from toilets as particles might get on them, and also using little plastic storage tops to cover the brush.

Teaching our little ones to have good oral hygiene is very important, and teaching them about looking after their brush and knowing when to replace helps form good oral habits!


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