How does a Calcium rich diet help strengthen your teeth and bones?

We have always heard since we were little – Drink milk to have strong teeth and bones! Well, the reason is because milk, like many other foods, has calcium. Calcium alongside with Vitamin D makes for strong teeth and bones. Having a rich diet that includes calcium will prevent future diseases like osteoporosis, tooth loss, and bone loss. 

Milk is not the only source of calcium you can include in your diet, in fact, many adults and kids are lactose intolerant but it’s ok! Because luckily, calcium can be found in many other delicious foods such as dark green veggies, like spinach, broccoli, kale and fruits like oranges and figs. Nuts, tofu, okra, and of course salmon are other sources of calcium.

Boston University dental School conducted a research alongside Tufts University Nutrition Research Center tht showed that calcium and vitamin D convined showed an improvement on tooth retention. Before, there was no proof that calcium and vitamin D actually prevented bone loss, but now this reaserch has proven that there was an improvement in tooth retention and a decrease of bone loss in the hip are specially on older adults.

Our bodies need calcium in order to be kept healthy, it doesn’t just help build strong bones and teeth but it also does other amazing things in our bodies such as helping blood clot. Consult with your doctor what the right amounts of calcium you should consume in your diet, and if you should take any complements in adition to your diet.

Foods rich in calcium: soy milk, cheese, yogurt and milk are the best sources of calcium, however you can also find non-dairy foods that are high in calcium too such as salmon, tofu, sardines and oranges, dark leaf vegetables and soymilk.

A good way to allow your body to absorve this calcium is by paring it up with Vitamin D, without it, your body won’t be able to absorve it. The best way to get some Vitamin D is, of course, sunlight but also eggs, butter and fatty fish.