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History, indeed, is loaded with outrageous teeth tales! Never heard some of them before? Sit back, relax, and get ready to be amazed as we at Southern Dental listed down fun and bizarre dental stories from the past that will leave a smile in your faces.


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The won battle of Yorktown because of dental woes.

In the height of the Revolutionary War, George Washington’s dentist received a letter from the Commander in Chief himself containing a request for some dental cleaning tools to be dispatch to New York, with a note stating that the American forces wouldn’t be in Philadelphia any time soon. The British stopped the correspondence, making them think that Washington would not command his army to move to Yorktown. However, the Americans did launch an attack on Yorktown, surprising the unaware British forces, making them win the battle!

The powerful tooth.

Did you know that there is actually an existing temple for a tooth? In Sri Lanka, there is one temple that homed the left canine of Buddha. When Buddha died, his tooth became impactful in the field of politics. They believe that the one who has the tooth deserve to govern the country. It is the reason why the tooth has been passed down from generation to generation of monarchs as a mark of great power and authority to rule. What a strong tooth after all!

Spinach on the teeth? Ew!

Mick Jagger, the famous frontman for the movie Rolling Stones, in the quest of adding sparkles to his smile tried placing an emerald chip in one of his teeth. Ironically, a majority of the people thought it was a bit of spinach. After such time, he removed the spinach-looking thing on his tooth and replaced it with ruby. Unfortunately, he always hears people telling him it was a blood droplet. Tired Jagger settled on a diamond finally.

Getting into the role.

Admit it. Hard work and dedication keep actors in their career. As for the Pirates in the Caribbean star Johnny Depp, he invested in the real gold caps to put on his teeth. He devotedly wore them after the third film was finished. On the other hand, the comedy star in the movie The Hangover, Ed Helms, is seen as someone with a missing tooth after being punched by Mike Tyson, the boxing legend. Well, his toothless smile is real! Surprised? After one of his permanent front teeth never grew in, he invested in a dental implant to improve the appearance of his grin. But for the sake of the film, he had it taken out to look authentic in his role.

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