Healthy Alternatives To Keep Hydrated This Summer!

We all know that there is nothing better than a cold lemonade or a cold soda to cool down during those hot summer days. But do you know how much damage you are actually doing to your body and teeth?

Our summers here can get really really hot – but here at Southern Dental, we want to let our patients know that there are healthy alternatives to the sugar packed lemonades, juices, and sodas to keep cool during the summer.

Drinking sugary drinks often can dramatically increase your chance of cavities and tooth decay, especially drinking them from a young age.

Water is, of course, the best alternative and best way to keep cool, hydrated and healthy during the hot months. It contains no sugar and of course no calories – so make sure you take your water bottles everywhere with you! Just make sure you don’t forget it in your car and then drink out of it after!

Keep a cool water bottle with you and drink up – this will allow you to cool down, be hydrated during the day and avoid all the extra calories and sugar!

However, we know that water, although being super healthy, sometimes can get a little boring – so why not try fruit infusions. This is a great way to incorporate and increase your children’s and yourself’s water intake. All you need is chunks or slices of your favorite fruit and let it sit in your cool water.

This is a fun and delicious way to enjoy a cold healthy drink!

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