Frequently Asked Questions about Root Canal Therapy – Houston, TX

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It is normal for anyone to feel scared about any dental procedures since it is a natural response of the brain. However, it is not good to use this as a reason to avoid future visits. Despite the proper practice of hygiene and care at home, it is still highly recommended to seek professional assistance.

For instance, intense pain is something that should not be disregarded even if it suddenly disappears. Although it means that the patient is free from suffering, it may actually indicate the beginning of more discomfort and pain. Dental complications do not have the ability to self-repair. It needs the expertise of a dentist for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Dental pain that suddenly disappears may indicate a tooth infection. This condition is not something that can be taken lightly. If appropriate measures are not followed, it can cause more pain and damage. Infection can spread throughout the tooth which can only be saved through extraction. Fortunately, instead of having the tooth pulled out as the only option, we at Southern Dental have an even better alternative – Root Canal Therapy.

Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal FAQs

What is a Root Canal?

It is a procedure performed under the expertise of a dentist. The process involves the removal of the dead pulp that is located at the center of a tooth to save it from extraction. Although restorative procedures are continuously improved over the years, nothing can compare to the real teeth, that is why a root canal therapy comes in handy.

Is it okay to remove the pulp?

The pulp serves as a sensor that can detect certain irregularities on the teeth that the brain uses for reactions – for example, changes in temperature, pain due to trauma, and the application of pressure. Aside from this, the fully developed teeth can leave without the pulp, so patients are assured that the removal of the tissue would not affect the state of the teeth. Besides, leaving it unattended could cause more harm than good.

Is the procedure extremely painful?

Contrary to what most people believe, root canal therapy is not painful. Aside from the means to provide patients with a comfortable experience like sedation or anesthetics, the procedure is comparable to dental fillings. Besides this, our dentist at Southern Dental is sure to handle each patient with care.

Are there other alternatives?

Unfortunately, aside from root canal therapy, the last course of action would only be a tooth extraction. To preserve the natural structures as much as possible, seek immediate attention if any forms of pain or discomfort are experienced.


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