Easy to Follow Tips in Countering Denture Pain in Houston, TX

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Compared to dentures used in the past, the newer type of the said prosthesis has undeniably come a long way. It now looks as natural as ever, and it also is more durable to help patients restore their lost oral functions. Despite the availability of other improved dental restorations, many people still opt for the traditional approach.


denture pain


However, in spite of the improvements performed, denture-wearers still experience pain. That is especially true if the denture does not fit over the gums perfectly. An ill-fitting dental appliance not only causes a person to feel uncomfortable, but it can be painful as well. Many patients may not know this, but dentures should be refitted every three to four years to keep the best fit possible. Doing so lessens the risk of pain and irritation caused by wobbly dentures. To help our patients at Southern Dental have a pleasant experience with their restorative appliance, here are some tips for managing denture pain. Read on below!


Manage denture pain with these tips!

Massage the gums

Since the gums hold dentures in place, measures to strengthen the tissues should be taken. To do so, patients are advised to gently massage the gums using their fingers or by brushing the soft tissues with a soft-bristled toothbrush. This activity encourages proper blood circulation and also reduces swelling.

Get relief with the help of over the counter products

Patients can manage denture pain by using topical pain relievers that are available over the counter. For their safety, instructions should be properly followed.

Rinse the gums

To reduce gum inflammation, patients are advised to rinse their mouths using a mixture of salt and warm water. It should be done for 15 to 30 seconds without swallowing the solution.

Give the gums time to rest

It is best if patients would remove their dentures at night during sleep to let their gums and jaw recover after a day of supporting the appliance. Dentures can be soaked in water or denture solution overnight to keep them moist and clean.

Have the dentist check the oral appliance

If the denture is causing excruciating pain, it is best not to wear it for the meantime and seek the assistance of a dentist. If there are upcoming meetings or events, it is a must to postpone it until the issue is resolved. Make sure to put the dental device back on an hour before seeing the dentist so that they can see the factor that causes the pain.

If you are having trouble with your dentures, do not delay professional attention to get immediate pain relief. Tolerating any pain and discomfort, thinking that it would go away, is never a good idea.


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