Dr. Tiffany White from Willowbrook attends S.T.E.M Career Fair at High School

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Dr. Tiffany White and Southern Dental Associates attend Career Fair at M.C. Williams High School

The M.C. Williams S.T.E.M Middle School is an up and coming engineering focused magnet program in HIDS. The focus of this program is to provide a variety of opportunities for students to experience S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths).

Last week, the school hosted their bi-annual College and Career Day. Dr. Tiffany White, who works at our Willowbrook location, was able to attend and showcase the students the importance of her career and educate them on the dentistry field.

Dr. Tiffany did a great job at the school encouraging students to keep studying and encouraging them to continue on the path to becoming professionals. Thank you to all the staff at M.C High School for allowing us to have this opportunity to interact with the students.

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