Do I really need to get my wisdom teeth extracted?

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The very last molars to erupt in your upper and lower jaw are referred to as wisdom teeth. Some people have all four, and some people have less – it depends on each individual. That is why some people can go through their teenage years into adulthood and not have any bother when it comes to their wisdom teeth.

In other cases, where the teeth do not come out straight but rather at odd angles, it can become very uncomfortable. When wisdom teeth erupt, there is some discomfort as the gum is ruptured to make way for the molar to come through. In some cases, it is better to have them all removed earlier on so that your teeth can adjust and settle into the right position without having the wisdom teeth pushing them to create room.

What happens when wisdom teeth come out?

A complete check up and X-ray can tell the position your wisdom teeth will have when they come through; when the new teeth erupt, they immediately start pushing your other teeth out to make room for them. This can cause impacted teeth and shifted and crooked teeth as the molars find space and create pressure to the rest of your adjacent teeth.

That is why dentists recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted. There is no actual purpose for them and they don’t have any impact on your chewing ability.

They can become quite painful and uncomfortable as pressure is created. This can lead to really bad toothache as well as a headache and jaw pains.

Although it is not a difficult procedure, some might take less than 20 minutes, other more complicated cases can take a couple of hours, it is recommended they are extracted, so your other teeth are not affected.

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