Dental health concerns for infants

Most babies don’t begin to get teeth until they are about six months old. However, this doesn’t mean that their oral health shouldn’t be taken into consideration. In fact, dental visits are recommended by the time a child turns one to ensure that their gums and teeth are cared for and properly cleaned.

Even before the first visit, you can keep oral health issues at bay by ensuring that you clean your infant’s gums soon after birth. At first the child may be fussy about getting their gums cleaned but they will soon get used to it. The major benefit of cleaning your baby’s gums is to reduce the chance of later tooth decay and gum disease and also to aid in the eruption of teeth without much irritation to the gums.

Between the ages of 3 and 9 months your child’s teeth will begin to erupt. There are children who experience restlessness, loss of appetite and irritability during this time. This is also the time to properly care for the erupting teeth to prevent what is known as baby bottle tooth decay. This is a common oral health concern for children and is caused by frequent exposure to sugary foods. The condition can be prevented by regular cleaning of your baby’s teeth and regular visits to the dentist.

The dentist will able to notice the signs of tooth decay in your child and fix the problem before it can cause any damage.

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