Complete and Partial Dentures in Heights Houston, TX

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There are several types of teeth restorations offered at the dental office to cater to each patient needs. Different conditions are needed to qualify for a specific restoration procedure like with implants; it is required for a patient to have a sufficient bone structure for support or with dental bridges which needs the adjacent teeth to be healthy enough to support the dental crowns and pontics. People who are not candidates for these treatments opts for Dentures. Southern Dental provides dentures that are either affordable or high quality depending on the patient’s preference while securing its perfect fit for Complete or Partial Dentures.



What are Dentures?

A denture is a type of restoration procedure that can replace single, multiple, or even all of the patient’s missing teeth. The base is made of acrylic or resin materials which mimic the natural gum color while the artificial teeth are made from porcelain to make it appear as natural as possible. A denture is a removable prosthesis which is more fragile than natural teeth and can be easily broken especially without proper care and maintenance. In the long run, dentures can change its fitting but the dentist can quickly adjust its fitting, or it may need a replacement for a perfect fit.


Two Forms of Dentures Offered at Southern Dental

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are often the best option for patients who do not have sufficient bone and tooth support for other dental restoration procedures. Artificial teeth or Pontics are attached to an acrylic base or a metal framework shaped as the patient’s mouth structure to ensure proper fitting. It is worn over healthy teeth structure without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. A partial denture does not only replace the missing teeth, but it also makes sure that the other teeth near the gap would not shift its position.


Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are teeth replacements that can cover the entire row of the teeth at either top or bottom jaw. It helps the patients to regain their smile and their teeth function including eating and talking. It also offers a more affordable treatment of replacing the entire teeth compared to other types of restorations. The base is fitted correctly to the patient’s upper or lower gum structure to ensure its proper hold to the mouth minimizing the worries of it slipping while talking or eating. The upper jaw denture is shaped to cover the roof of the mouth or palate while the lower denture is formed like a horseshoe to cover only the area of the teeth without getting in the way of the tongue.


Partial and Complete dentures are a more affordable type of dental restoration that can help patients to regain their confidence and the function of their missing teeth. Practicing good dental hygiene and care can ensure the sanitation of dentures, but the change of its fit is inevitable. A dentist from Southern Dental can help patients in having their dentures refitted and fixed for a better and natural looking smile.


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