April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month!

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and here at Southern Dental, we want to not only bring awarness to Oral Cancer which will affect around 48-50 thousand people this year alone. If you haven’t schedule a visit with us for a while – right now is the perfect time to schedule.

Getting checked regularly by your dentist, or at least once a month can easily prevent oral cancer from becoming untreatable. This month we are doing free oral cancer testing so come in and help us bring awareness and educate people about the importance of getting checked at least once a year.

This year alone in the U.S there will be around 40,000 peole diagnosed with oral cancer and out of the 40,000 around 8,000 will die from it. This illness can kill you very quick if you are not diagnosed during the early stages. Within five years of diagnosis a person can die if not treated. This type of cancer has a higher death rate than any of the other types of cancers.

The test can be done in different ways, there is special equipment that your doctor can test which is more advanced, but a simple touch and check of your neck head and back can indicate the presence of oral cancer. Your dentist will know what to check for, if there are any sores, any change in tissue texture etc.

Please help us bring awareness to this illeness and spread the word – this April we will be testing for free in all of our 9 locations! Ask our staff and book your appointment now!

Please contact your dentist at any of our Southern Dental branches if you need more information or if you want to book an appointment.

Find all contact information for all our locations HERE. Or visit us at www.southerndental.com.