A better smile for a better life.

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Orthodontic treatment advantages often go beyond the obvious physical changes of a straighter teeth and improved bite, it is also a good approach to improve an individual’s overall sense of worth. While having fine-looking straight teeth is significant, even more significant is the requirement to lessen any potential health problems linked to the teeth and jaw. Jaw problems or crooked teeth may perhaps contribute to inappropriate cleaning of teeth, causing tooth decay and, conceivably, gum disease or total tooth loss. Orthodontic problems which go untreated can lead to eating and digestion problems, abnormal wear of tooth surfaces and speech impairments. With time, excessive stress on gum tissue with the bone that supports the teeth can disturb the jaw joints causing problems such as face and neck pain, and headaches.

It is for these reason why you should consider visiting the Studio of Aesthetic Dentistry in St. Helena, California. This is where all your cosmetic and general dentistry are well taken care of. St Helena Studio of Aesthetic Dentistry has the best serene atmosphere to welcome all patient for a better dental care that they have longed for.

With their great skills in the recent advancements in orthodontics treatment and world class appliance, St. Helena residents are now able to restore their smile.